Mug Of The Year

The “Mug of the Year” is awarded to the person that has done the “stupidest” thing during the year.

It is a fun spirited award that is handed over in good light and with a few laughes. Unfortunately, some years it seems as though people are trying their hardest to win this prestigious award.
2011 Kat Kennedy
2010 Andy Rahim
2009 Pauline Farmer
2008 Lorraine Carnachan
2007 Nick Stabler
2006 Shane Paskett
2005 Warren Bunting
2004 Graeme Walker
2003 Craig Kennedy
2002 Eddie Biggs
2001 Betty Maass
2000 Shane Paskett
1999 Karen Paskett
1998 Andy Ross
1997 Robyn Brick
1996 Tracey Green
1995 David Nelson
1994 Peter McVeigh
1993 Callum Kerr
1992 Brian Moore
1991 Barry O’Sullivan