Player Insurance

When you register & pay to play with Whitford Hockey Club, you are automatically covered in all your hockey activities by the Sportscover Personal Accident (PA) and by the Sportscover Public Liability (PL) (for your personal negligence, including member to member), Insurance organised by Hockey WA.

For information about this insurance, please visit the Insurance Information page on the Hockey WA website.

All players should ensure they have read and understood this information to ensure that the cover provided is suited to their own personal circumstances.  Importantly, if you find that the Whitford Hockey Club basic level of cover provided is not sufficient for your personal needs, players should note that the various covers (non-Medicare medical expenses, loss of income, and capital benefits) can be easily and economically topped up, at group premium rates, through Hockey WA’s website with the use of a credit card.

Where a claim needs to be made, refer to the downloadable documents from the Hockey WA website page above:

  • (b) PA Basic Club Cover information
  • (c) Policy Schedules
  • (g) PA Policy Document wording and
  • (i) Personal Accident Claims Procedure

By following these procedures, you will be asked to contact Hockey WA for a claim form.  This is to ensure you completely understand the claims procedures and claimable benefits.

For further information, you may like to visit the websites of the insurance broker and the underwriter.