2018 Membership Fees (Greatly Reduced)

The last few years has seen a lot of hard work from our members in fundraising towards our new home at Warwick. Off the back of a financially successful first year managing the new facility it is now time to pass the rewards on to you – our loyal members.

Your 2018 membership fees have been significantly reduced and we are now the cheapest hockey club in the area.

See full details of 2018 membership fees below:

Senior Membership Fees

(pay before 15 April)
Regular Fee
(pay after 15 April)
Seniors - concession & U18's playing seniors only 1$250$300
Family 2
(immediate family members living at home)
- Turf
- Grass

Second team levy 4
- Seniors only

Turf Levies 3
- 1's & 2's
- Other grades


Junior Memberhsip Fees

(pay before 15 March)
Regular Fee
(pay after 15 March)
Juniors – school years 5-12$200$250
Post Graduates - school years 3-4 6
Minkey & Graduates - up to school year 2 5
(incl. playing shirt)
Family 2
(immediate family members living at home)
J11/12 Turf Levies 3
  1. The concession rate applies to full time students, health card holders, pensioners and to juniors from last year playing their first year in the seniors. To be eligible send a copy of your current student card, HCC card etc to registrar@whitfordhockey.asn.au
  2. The family rate is available to all immediate family members living at home only
  3. Turf levies are only payable by members who play in a designated turf side including goalkeepers and life members.  The turf levy partially covers the costs other clubs charge us when playing away games. It is in addition to gate entry fees charged to players at grounds.
  4. Second team levy applies to players (including life members) who are regular members of two teams, e.g. women’s turf and women’s masters, this does not apply to juniors playing also in a senior team
  5. Includes a playing shirt for all minkey and graduates if they are in a different team to last year or have grown out of their current shirt
  6. All Post Graduates are expected to play in club kit. The idea of this is to help out in the cost of playing hockey by getting the kids into the kit before they move into the junior grades and reducing the burden of paying out for the kit in the same year that the fees double to play junior hockey

Fee arrangements should be discussed with the Registrar.



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