President's Pitchside Ponderings

Published Wed 03 Jan 2024

President's Pitchside Ponderings

Happy New Year everyone!

I am looking forward to an exciting 2024 full of hockey and laughs with my friends at this wonderful club.

Last October, the club hosted just over 50 games of the Men’s and Women’s Masters National Championship. At the carnival, Sarah O’Halloran (Vice President), Richard Booth (Treasurer), and I had the pleasure of meeting with Ross Sudano, the President of Hockey Australia. Ross, who was representing Victoria, was glowing in his praise not just of our facility, but also of how welcome he and the other teams were made to feel at our club. He told us that one of his teammates, whose surname just happens to be “Whitford”, was even cheekily referring to us as “his club” and had gone and bought one of our playing shirts! It got me wondering, how is it that our club makes people feel right at home? The answer to my question is pretty simple really – it’s our culture.

While people come to the club for the great facilities, and the opportunities a bigger club can offer, they stay for our club’s culture. A big part of our culture are our values. Our values are what set us apart from other clubs. As a values-driven club, we focus on what is important – our people. We know that if we hold firm to our values, the results will come.

So, what are our values? They are fairly intuitive and not hard to get your head around.

Our values are broadly grouped into four categories: Family and Community, Trust and Respect, Fair Play, and Development.

In essence, we acknowledge the importance of family, our community, and our place in it. We value the contributions of our volunteers. We trust and respect our fellow club members, and we behave with honesty and integrity. Diversity is important to us, and we are inclusive. We strive to win, but we always abide by the rules and act with integrity. We respect our teammates, our opponents, and our officials at all times. We do our best and always aim to improve. Finally, we believe that everyone deserves a fair go and we aim to help others to be their best. For the comprehensive list of our values, you can find them here:

By becoming a member of the club, you agree to abide by these values. In the heat of battle, we can sometimes slip – that’s okay, we’re all human – just shake it off and remember that you are a Whitford player who models our values.

Our values bind us together as a club and help us to become high performing teams. They also help our club to make the world just a little bit better.

I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2024. I cannot wait to see you all at the club.

Go Whitties!

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