WHC Registration

Registration For 2019 Is Now Open

All registration is done via an online form. This includes both new members and existing members (even at registration day we have computers available for you to fill out the online form). Both new members and existing members are invited to register online now. Here’s how to do it:

How Do I Register

Step 1

  • Go to our new membership portal here: http://www.sporty.com.au/whitfordhockey
  • Select either the senior/parent registration form or the junior registration form
  • Follow the instructions to complete your registration.
  • Repeat this process for each team you play in. For example:
    • If you please juniors & seniors complete both a junior and senior form
    • If you play seniors and masters complete the senior rego form twice (once for each team)
    • If your child plays juniors and you want to vote on behalf of your child complete the junior registration form and the senior/parent registration form)

Step 2

Please remember that all members (apart from Minkey, Grads and Post-Grads players, and parents/volunteers) need to register with both the Club on Sporty and with Hockey Australia on the Sports TG “GameDay” website: HOCKEY AUSTRALIA GAMEDAY REGISTRATION In a change from prior years, the Hockey Australia GameDay portal requires a separate online payment of the Hockey Australia Levy ($42 for seniors or $30 for juniors aged 9-18). The Hockey Australia Levy is a new compulsory levy imposed by Hockey Australia to promote and sustain the sport.  In past years this levy and personal accident cover has been paid by the Club, so we have reduced fees we charge our members to reflect the transfer of costs from the Club to you.


Click here to view our fees for 2019.

What’s New

If you are playing in more than one winter team on a regular basis (e.g. senior & junior, senior & masters) please register twice in our membership portal in each category. This portal allows team lists and web pages for each team to be created by coaches and team managers, so they will each need a registration for you to add you to that team. We are inviting club volunteers to register for free social membership using the Senior Registration Form. This will assist us in recognising our volunteers for the great work they do under our Volunteer Recognition system. Under the new incorporated associations legislation model rules which the Club adopted in 2017, junior members under 15 years old are not entitled to vote at a general meeting of the Club. To ensure every member has a voice, parents or legal guardians of juniors under 15 are invited to register as an honorary member at no membership fee using the Senior Registration Form, and to vote on behalf of their junior member at any general meeting. If you have any questions, need some help, or want to talk to someone, our official registration day is Saturday 16 February from 9am – 5pm at Warwick Hockey Centre in Warwick.

Need Help Registering?

For any registration enquires please send an email to registration@whitfordhockey.asn.au

KidSport Fee Payments

This year we will once again be working with the City of Joondalup and City of Wanneroo to help families with a health card or pension card receive up to $200 off the cost of membership and equipment for each child in that family between the ages of 5 and 18. Even if the child turns 19 during the year as long as they are 18 at the time of application they can qualify.  So now your children can play at Whitford HC for free!

KidSport Voucher

You may need to right-click the following link and select “Save Link As” to download the voucher to your computer.
To use the voucher, print it and fill it out and take it along to City of Joondalup or City of Wanneroo for validation. Once validated send the voucher to: Whitford Hockey Club, c/- G. Moroney, 10 Highfield Rise, Hillarys 6025. We will then complete our side of the voucher and send back to the city.
The rest will be dealt with internally and the best thing is you’ve just saved up to $200 and become part of a great community of hockey players and supporters.